Crafting Complete Customer Experience

Want your food business to be noticeable? Even if you have the most brilliant chef with a delicious food item, it might go unnoticed due to improper presentation. Haider app is simple to operate and offers amazing features based on strategy, design, and scalability as per your business needs. Moreover, it is a steady and interactive app to highlight your food business and compel your customer to choose you over your competitors. When you use Haider app, your value proposition grows stronger than that offered by competitors. The app can be operated seamlessly over iOS and Android.

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The Art Of Restaurant

To rank amongst the progressive restaurants, you should leverage mobile apps to increase customer engagement, and improve operational efficiency. Haider is a comprehensive mobile application, which offers flexibility, smart interface, usability, and presentation of contents in an elegant way to make a breeze for customers. You can also introduce your food menu in the most stylish way by using Haider application. It helps you to create a visual image of your restaurant menu to evoke your brand value. You can also share promotional offers with your customers. The application has many exciting features, so why to wait, download and enjoy the app today!

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The Innovative Way To Manage Eatery Business

The beauty of Haider app is the latest technology it is built with and easy for tech members to customize it, yet doesn’t change a thing from a kitchen operational standpoint.

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Stunning Features


Restaurant list

The customers can view a list of restaurants near their current location.


Order Tracking

The map-based tracking allows customers to view the live status of their order, from the restaurant pick-up to their doorstep delivery.


Admin Panel

Admin Panel feature allows you to view the list of all, update booking status, cancel bookings, manage promo code, etc.


Table Reservations

The customers can call the restaurant and inquire about the reservations for their events.



The customers can search for specific dishes according to their tastes and preferences.


Easy Checkout

Haider supports fast and efficient check out process.


Guest Access

The application allows the guest users to navigate throughout sitemap and check for varieties of cuisines and dishes served by the restaurants listed therein.



Your app accelerates your business growth, by helping you to send the promotional offers directly to customer’s device.

Your Restaurant Accelerator

Haider Restaurant app for the food business has left no aspect uncovered. Being in the eatery business, you must ensure your business to run smoothly and with ease. The app helps you to manage everything from sourcing ingredients to keeping your restaurant up to the code. Haider is a user-friendly interface that enables restaurant managers/admin to oversee and control every single operation. This app is developed using Codeigniter in backend and React Native for front-end. The state of art UI/UX designs in this application is a significant attraction and feast for the eyes of users. A single code base for Android and iOS apps through React Native framework ensure the overall robust performance of the app.

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